Saturday, November 21, 2009


These earrings are incredibly unique - made with sea glass and sea aluminum hand picked off a beach in Kauai. Every piece of glass and aluminum is different, but the variation adds to the organic feel of these earrings. Wire and findings are solid sterling silver. Can be made with green, brown, blue or white sea glass.
Earrings measure approximately 2" (up to 2.5" depending on the sea aluminum) from the top curve of the bali silver ear wire. $30.


Named for the heroine in 1001 Arabian Nights. She was a fantastic story-teller. So good, in fact, that it saved her life many times over. Since her life was always hanging in the balance, I thought naming these pendulum-shaped earrings after her was appropriate.
Earrings measure 1.63" from the top curve of the solid sterling silver ear wire and are available in sunstone, labradorite, garnet and olive jade. $25.


Named for the soprano diva in The Phantom of the Opera. Carlotta is decadent, extravagant and dramatic - all adjectives fitting of these stunning earrings. All wire and components are 14k gold-filled. The base loop is hammered to add texture and the jet Swarovski crystals are wired on by hand. The hanging faceted onyx catches the light and creates movement. These are one of a kind! Perfect for holiday parties.
Earrings measure 2.63" from the top curve of the ear wire and are 1.13" across at the widest point. $50.


This earring is very lightweight and the light gray color of the resin goes with nearly everything! The cube measures .63" squared and the full length of the earring is 1.63" from the top curve of the solid sterling silver leverback ear wires. Fun and casual! $20.


Named for the title character in the musical Aida by Guiseppe Verdi. For whatever reason, the name "Aida" popped into my head after completing this earring. The faceted black agate briolette is hand wrapped with solid sterling silver wire. Earrings measure 1.5" from the top curve of the solid sterling silver ear wire. A versatile earring that can be dressed up or down - think of it as the 'little black dress' of earrings! $25. Can also be made with 14k gold-fill.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cascade Necklace

Made with an assortment of elements, meant to be very versatile. Solid sterling silver chain is 18" and fastens with a balloon clasp. The cluster hangs 2.5" from the chain and includes Czech glass, freshwater pearl, alexandrite, rose quartz, botswana agate, snow quartz, olive jade, carnelian, green garnet, kiwi jasper and black agate. $50.


Hail, all you Lord of the Rings fans! These earrings are named for the handmaiden of Rohan. She is strong and kind and endures many hardships. In the end, it is she who saves the day by destroying the nazgul king, Angmar, right after uttering my favorite line in the entire movie series "I am no man!" These earrings hang from a solid sterling silver chain made by yours truly and remind me of the chainmaille Eowyn wore when fighting Angmar. The design of the earring echoes the shape of the mace he used against her. The stone at the end is a dramatically irregular faceted nugget of smokey quartz. $20.

Christmas in the air!

Yes, you read correctly...I wrote "Christmas". I'm ready! I know it's blaspheme to gloss over Thanksgiving, but I've been feeling the Christmas Spirit even before Halloween, so it's time I admitted it. Thanksgiving and Christmas are my two favorite holidays because to me they are both synonymous with food and good music. Growing up I was my mom's shadow in the kitchen and these holidays were no exception. Roast turkey, stuffing, gravy, rolls, pumpkin pie, apple pie, cookies, candy, casseroles...we made it all! We would bop around the kitchen all day, cooking and baking, listening to and singing along with Christmas tunes of all varieties. The reason I bring this up on my jewelry blog is to communicate to you how I justify listening to Christmas music starting in October. It's my favorite music to listen to while making jewelry - it's joyful and reverent, full of love and happiness! Today and yesterday I've been jeweling non-stop to the likes of Celine Dion, MoTab, Cambridge Singers, The Nutcracker and more...and I hit a few strokes (definitely not notes) of genius! My newest creations will be showcased here very shortly. Anyway, the point is that Christmas music inspires jewelry creativity for me and I hope you will all enjoy the fruits of my holiday labors.